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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Florida Fun!!

Well we are here in Florida, and loving every minute of it! Just to give you an was 75 degrees today at the beach! :P

We've played at the beach, soaked in Mom and Dad's hot tub, took a spin on their boat, and are getting ready for SeaWorld and Disney World this week. Plus, we've been treated to Mom's awesome cooking! We've had fantastic breakfasts and amazing dinners. Last night we had Steak and Lobster Tails, and for breakfast we had Mom's famous Egg Gravy and biscuits. Yes, we have been spoiled!

Since I know it will take me ages to update everything once we get home, I figured I would do a little at a time!

First, the plane ride on Wednesday! The kids did really well on the flight from SLC to Phoenix, but got a bit restless from Phoenix to Tampa. At least they had lots of entertainment in the electronic form!

Brady took this picture as we were leaving Salt Lake and the snow!

We ordered drinks on the plane and Brady loved his apple juice in a can! That was the best dang $2.00 can of apple juice he ever had!

Then on Thursday Mom and Dad took us out on the boat. It was actually a little chilly (about 60), but we still had fun anyways! We saw lots of cool fish underwater and then got to see them on Dad's FishTV. It was so amazing!

This tree is called The Lucky Palm. It grew in a circle, and local legend says if you stand in the circle and make a wish it will come true.

The kids loved driving the boat most of all!

Me and Brady...I was midsentence, lol!

Jake and Brady

Poppa David and the kids

Grammie Della and the kids (Brady was having loads of fun I promise...)

We saw lots of birds and turtles, but no Alligators or Monkeys (left behind after filming Tarzan back in the day!) because it was just too cold for them.

We did see lots of birds, and this guy was drying his feathers off after fishing.

Look at the cute turtles!

Friday night Shae took Jake and I to see Repo! The Genetic Opera! It was playing in Salt Lake on Tuesday night, but we weren't able to see it since we were leaving on Wednesday. We were so excited they extended the showings in Gainesville!

Trailer for Repo
Me with my Repo ticket and the poster!
"Zydrate comes in a little glass vial!"
"A little glass vial?"
"A little glass vial!"
We loved the soundtrack and it was even better actually watching it! We can't wait for the DVD!
Today we went to Daytona Beach and enjoyed the warm weather! Brady took a spill in the ocean (Why are we not surprised!), but other than that it was a pretty perfect day. Mom and Dad got the kids some tee shirts and hoodies from a souvenior shop and they are so excited to show them off at school!
Here are some of my favorites at the beach, and then a slideshow with about 50 pictures from the beach.
Brady is telling the ocean who's the boss

Gwynie's running from the waves

Family Pic

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wood0306 said...

Wow... It looks like you guys are having a blast! What a GREAT time to go and enjoy the warm sunshine! Safe travels :)