You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once. ~Polish Proverb

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tee Ball and Family BBQ

Here are some pics of Brady's last Tee Ball game!

Jake really loved Coaching and is going to coach again in the Spring!

Pitching to Brady

Brady's trophy and the certificate Jake made the kids - he got Most Determined

On the 14th we went to Jake's brother's house for a Family BBQ with the whole Phillips Fam. We had a fun time and the kids liked roasting marshmallows!

I'm pretty sure Jake was stealing Brady's marshmallow!

The kids and our neices and Great Grandma Lee.
L-R: Abby, Grandma Lee, Brady, Bailey, Gwynie, Hannah
Oh and, we didn't make it out to see the new baby yet, but Brady is still the ONLY BOY on the whole Phillips Family side. Jake's other cousin has two girls and isn't planning on anymore. So, looks like he'll have to carry on the family name!

Gwynie was really enjoying that marshmallow!

Last weekend a friend and I went to the Scrapbook Expo and did the Midnight Crop. We probably did more talking than scrapping, but it was a blast.

Here I am hard at work!

And I had to throw this picture in here....look what I just barely dumped out...EASTER CANDY!! Seriously, we never eat the candy that we have in the house!! It just sits in a basket after Santa or the Easter Bunny, or whoever comes. The only candy we really buy and actually eat are Twizzlers....I could eat a whole bag by myself I'm sure!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Um...yeah...should have posted these last week...whoops! We went to Lagoon for my company party on the 13th and we had a blast! I really didn't take near as many pics as I took last year, but they were all cute anyways!

Ok first, probably one of the funniest pictures of me ever! We went on the Log Flume and Jake told me we wouldn't get very wet...boy was he wrong! I was drenched...and not happy at it AT ALL! It really looked like I wet my pants for hours!

Well, I was so mad after getting so wet on the Log Flume that I didn't dare ride Rattlesnake Rapids with Jake and the kids. I knew with my luck I would end up directly under the waterfall, so I let them go by themselves. Jake and Gwynie had fun, but I don't think Brady had fun!

Jake and Gwynie on the train.

Brady loves the train! Both the kids love seeing the animals, but he just likes being on a train!

The first ride we went on that morning. It's called the Space Scrambler, but the kids call it the Egg Scrambler. We asked Brady after the ride if he got scrambled and he said YEP!

Jake and Gwynie had the camera and of course had to pull faces!

I love this picture!! Gwynie and Brady rode together on the new ride Odysea, and she held his hand and led him to the ride and everything. She is an awesome big sister!

We went into Pioneer Village where they have all of the olden times stuff. Jake told Brady, "See, we really were taking you to the Dentist!" Brady wasn't amused...but he smiled good for me!

Me and the kids taking a break from walking.

It was a really fun day! We can't wait to go back for Frightmares!!

Aaannnnndddd....I still have more pics to post of the fam bbq we went to last week and some of the last of Brady's tee ball pics that I haven't posted yet.

Also, my Sister In Law had their baby today, another girl! That makes 4 girls! They named her Sydney, but that's about all I know at this point. We are going to go visit tomorrow night.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Funny Stories

Um...I've been too lazy, er busy to update the blog, so while I have a minute I'll just share some funny things the kids have said. I've always thought they would be the funniest kids on that show, so here are some recent funnies.

Jake rented Brady a Thomas (the train) video a few weekends ago and there was a character on there that he hadn't heard of. Brady had watched the movie on a Saturday night and told me about it the next morning. He told me about the character name Oliver and how that was a stupid name for a train. He was seriously going on and on about this train name and finally said, (and this is an exact quote!) "Screw that, he needs a better name than Oliver!"

Last night we were talking about school and about his friends and Jake asked him about any girlfriends. Here is how our convo went.

Jake: So who are your girlfriends?
Brady: I don't have any girlfriends anymore.
Me: Did you break up with them?
Brady: Yeah I dumped them all.
Us: *giggle* *snicker*
Brady: I was searching for a new girlfriend so I dumped all the other girls.
Me: Well, were you nice when you dumped them?
Brady: Yep, I just dumped them all in my mind.

I know that I've succeeded as a parent and in particular as a Mom when Gwynie tells me she knows the kind of man she wants to marry. Here was our convo.

Gwynie: So I decided on what guy I want to marry.
Me: Oh really?
Gwynie: Yeah, he needs to be rich and strong.
Me: Yeah, I think that's pretty good, but how come?
Gwynie: Well, strong so that he can protect me and fight off people trying to hurt me.
Me: True, that's a good point.
Gwynie: And rich so that he can make me happy!
Me: Yeah, but a poor man can make you happy too.........(thoughtful pause).....But the rich man could make you lots happier!!

And here are a couple other funnies that I found on my personal journal that I thought I would post here as well.

*Brady poking around the garage picks stuff up*
Brady: What is this Dad? *holds up thing*
Jake: It's a caulk gun.
Brady: A cock gun?
Jake: *giggles like a girl*
Brady: What does it shoot? (because here he is thinking its a gun so it has to shoot something)Jake: *chuckles manly this time*
Ha, hum
*clears thoat*
*giggles like a girl again*
White stuff...

Brady: So Gwynie, is your dance teacher cute?
Gwynie: Erm, yeah, she's cute.....
Brady: she hot?

Picking up Gwynie from school (This was in January!)
Me: So how was school?
Gwynie: Good
Me: So what did you learn in school today?
Gwynie: We learned about Negative American History
Me: ....*facepalm* that anything like "Native American History"?
Gwynie: Oh yeah, that's what it was!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tee Ball Stuff

Mom pointed out to me that I haven't been very good about updating our blog lately...oops! Its just been such a busy summer and things are finally settling down, I think anyway! I still have some old pictures to post here as well as some new ones, so I will really try to get them all up sometime this week!

Thursday was Brady's last Tee Ball game. He had so much fun, and Jake was an amazing Coach! All the kids had a blast, and they sure learned a lot!
Some of my favorites from when they did the action shots at a game a few weeks ago.

Yesterday we went to Lagoon for my company party and today we had a bar-b-que at Jake's brothers house so I have lots more to post. I'll get those soon I promise, but I really better go to bed now! I always have the hardest time going to bed on Sunday nights. It's just something about knowing the weekend is over and that going to bed means that it really is cause the next thing I know its Monday!