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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter, Baseball and a Museum...all made for a fun month!

Well, its been awhile that I've posted anything about the fam. I finally decided tonight that I better just do it instead of feeling guilty about it. (Sorry Mom! I know how much you like to see these!) is a jumble of stuff all at once!
First, I better do some Easter stuff. Here is a quick recap of what our week had been shaping up to be...
Wednesday - Dye Easter Eggs
Thursday - Bees Baseball Game
Friday - Kids spend the night in Grantsville camping with Jake's Mom and DAd in their trailer
Saturday - Dutch oven cooking, shooting clay pigeons, easter egg hunt w/ Jake's family
Sunday - Easter

The Bees game ended up getting postponed on Thursday. It was their opening game and we had gotten our tickets for 75 cents each! Since the game was postponed we could use our tickets for Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Well, we knew we couldn't use them on the first two, so we decided that if the weather was nice we would go on Sunday. Even though it was Easter, we thought it would still be fun for the kids.
So first, Easter egg dyeing on Wednesday night!

Gwynie's eggs

Brady's coloring an egg with these paintable things I found at the store. Of course it was all blue...which we told him he could have just dyed, but oh well.

Here are their eggs, all done! Word to the wise...don't fall for those foil or glitter things next year. They were awful and messy and didn't work. You would think after how many years of always buying the "cool" dyes I would just realize they never work and stick with the standard stuff.

On Friday Debbie, Jake's Mom, came to pick up the kids about noon to take them camping in their trailer for the night. We went out on Saturday, and Jake's brother Dustin and our neices Hannah, Bailey, and Abby came as well. Erica and the baby stayed home since Sydney was sick.

The kids got Easter baskets, and then had an egg hunt. We did dutch oven chicken, potatoes, and a peach cobbler. It was delish! :)

Kids with their Easter baskets from Wayne and Deb
The Phillips all their glory

Sunday the kids woke up to their easter baskets, an egg hunt, and then that afternoon the ball game.

The weather actually turned out beautiful that afternoon! It was supposed to be 55 and partly cloudy, but the sun was shining, and we all got a little burned! I actually made the kids wear jeans, and they were bummed because they could have worn their new shorts. We ended up with even better seats than our original ones (and still only 75 cents each!!) so we were on the first row right behind home plate!

Last weekend we took Brady to the Museum of Natural History. Gwynie decided playing with friends was more fun so she stayed at a friends house instead of going with us. :( But we had fun, and it was more geared towards Brady anyways. They have a special Toads/Frogs exhibit going on until September. If you are in the area you should check it out, it was so amazing!

In the lobby they had two workers showing off a millipede, a hissing cockroach, and a tarantula! Brady had been dying to see a REAL LIFE tarantula so he loved this...but got a little scared right at the end.

Brady is the funniest little kid. He is a true boy and loves spiders, bugs, and all that stuff. He is so fascinated by the world around him, and is always asking us questions. He asks things like, "What is the deadliest scorpion on the planet?" or "Why are there so many different kinds of beetles?" and then wants to know about dinosaurs, and sharks, and sting rays all in the same breath. So the area here with the bugs, beetles, and scorpions was perfect for him...he probably could have stayed here all day long! Here he is next to a "Black Lidow". No, that's not a typo...its not a Widow at our house...Brady calls them "Lidows" and so we all say it now, too. :)

There is a great kids area here, too. Brady is uncovering dinosaur bones and had a blast playing in it!

Haha, no I didn't pose him like this. I told him to stand in it (kids area - don't worry no rule breaking here!) so I could take his picture...and this is what he did. Well, of course we just laughed and I got a funny picture out of the deal!

So right now...I'm all caught up...finally!

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Jason and Kayla said...

You guys have been pretty busy! I think my favorite picture is of Jake and his family with their guns! How dang funny!