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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jazz Game!

Jake's company has season tickets (Row 1 seats 1 and 2!) and we got to use them again this year at the Pistons game on the 21st! I LOVE his company! ;) (Can you believe these tickets are 700 bucks a peice?!! Ya we are so lucky to get them when we do!)

Here's the typical "hold the camera out in front of you and hope for the best" shot!

This is Deron Williams, or D-Will. We sit right next to the visiting team so it was hilarious to hear them cat calling him when he was shooting free throws. They'd say, "Hey D-Will, hey D-Willy!" So funny!

And oh be still my heart! Just kidding! But this is my crush worthy Kyle Korver who's also a Jazz player but was out with knee issues. He was signing autographs afterwords so we took the chance to say hey, get a pic, and have him sign our tickets. I actually met him in January of this year at my birthday party at the bar. So fun to get another pic! ;) He is soooo very dreamy in person!

And one other Jazz sighting! Jake and his friend Nick were at the heated driving range of one of the courses they go to. (Yes golfing in November in Utah, it can be done!! Just at Jake and Nick!)Little did they know that Mehmet Okur was there golfing as well! Nick took Brady to say hi and snapped a pic on his phone. So cool that Brady was actually wearing his Jazz beanie too! ;) Holy cow is he ever tall! And look at him palm B's head! ;)

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