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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Family Blog!

Well I (Kandi) have had my own personal blog, and a craft blog, but we wanted to have a family blog to share with family and friends. we go! Our kids are the best and we love every minute we spend together. This summer is already starting to get busy and we know it will just keep getting busier! Here are some fun pics from the kids' most recent activities!

Brady loves to play Tee Ball, and sweep the dirt under the bases! Jake is helping to coach and they both have a blast each week! The boys helped pick the team name too....the Red Sox, what else?!

When the boys aren't playing baseball, they are golfing! Jake recently played in a Golf Tournament for work and took Brady with him. The boys had a great morning, and of course wore their matching Boston Red Sox caps!

Gwynie just finished up her Cheerleading and did awesome at their year end recital! They have one more performance, and then she starts Tumbling for the summer.

Gwynie and her teacher Aubree.
Gwynie with her medal.

Gwynie just turned 9 yesterday, too! I will post those pictures later, but it was a fun pool party! We can't believe she is already such a big, little lady! It's hard to believe she is 9 and still wears a girls size 6! She is so itty bitty, Brady only weighs about 5 pounds less than her!

Well, we hope you enjoyed our first post! Hopefully we will stay caught up in sharing our wonderful kids and their crazy adventures!

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