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Friday, August 22, 2008

A Day At The Races!

I never was able to sit still long enough to put all of our Yellowstone pictures on a slide show. Too bad for you cause they were ALL really cute...but don't be sad! Here are some pics of us and the kids at Rocky Mountain Raceways last weekend for The Maverick Monster Trucks: Clash of the Titans.

Gwynie and Brady with Bounty Hunter! (I totally caved and let them wear their new outfits!)

They had all the Monster Trucks parked in the venue and we got to wander around and look at them. I only wish I had taken more pictures with the trucks!

Jake and Brady with King Crunch

Me and Brady watching the races! They had some Mini's and Trucks racing inbetween the Monster Truck heats.

Me and Gwynie Girl - it was bright!

The Maverik "Monster Trakker" had broke the rear axle the night before. They welded it as best as they could since they couldn't get a whole new rear housing for it on such short notice. It hit the first jump and broke down.

Poor Brady was soooo upset! To him, cars and trucks are just like people! He was so sad the truck was hurt. Any time someone got a flat tire or any damage he was quick to ask if the truck was ok. He didn't worry about the drivers at all!

After the races and the Freestyle we got to go back into the Pits and meet all the drivers. They autographed our programs and we got to take pictures with Brady's favorite trucks (drivers!) Bounty Hunter and Iron Outlaw.

We had a blast! We'll make sure we go again next year, it was awesome!

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