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Monday, July 28, 2008

A Few of Yellowstone

I think I'll put the majority of pics on a slideshow, but here are some fun ones! In no particular order...

Grandpa and Grandma got the kids these hats with matching T-shirts!

At the Fountain Paint Pots

Jake and the kids at the Red Spouter at the Paint Pots

There was this Discovery Center in West Yellowstone and we got to see a Birds of Prey demonstration. The birds were so cool! This owl was fed people food at a zoo and became acclimated to humans. All of the birds we saw in the show were physically incapable of surviving in the wild. This owl however, had a mental problem! He thought he was a human.

At the Discovery Center the kids got to feed the bears! Ok not quite, they did the Keeper Kids program. Once the bears were in their dens (holding cages in a seperate section) the kids got to go in with buckets of fruit, veggies and what looked like dog food, and hide it for the bears. They hid it under rocks and wood and when the bears came out they were turning over rocks and looking for that food! This is one of the bears and Jake got this amazing shot!

What would my scrapbooks be without this picture?!

Ahh, the whole family! This was in Lamar Valley in Yellowstone where the buffalo where. Believe it or not, I really though they were extinct. Somehow I had it in my blonde brain that the cowboys and indians killed them all... *sigh* Yes, I am waaayyyy blonde! Can't beat that good old Idaho education! The kids, and well everyone, got immense enjoyment from teasing me about this the whole trip. Once we found the herd Brady told me, "See Mom, they're not extinctable!"

Brady and Gwynie did all the activities to get their Junior Ranger Patches! When the Ranger was presenting them their badges he made an announcement to the whole visitors center! He let everyone know the kids got their patches and were official Jr. Rangers and the whole center clapped for them! Brady jumped up and down and clapped, too!

My cute little kids, just being cute little kids!

There was a museum in West Yellowstone so naturally I had to see it! They had these Duster Coats set out so you could try them on. They would rent these for people to wear over their travelling clothes while riding in the stage coaches.

So those are some of my favorites, but there are still soooo many other cute ones! I'll start working on a slide show for them all!

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