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Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's All in the Family

I think I'm posted out...ok kidding, but really after posting all the pics (or a large portion of them!) from our trip to Florida, I really didn't want to post anything! Also, we took so many pics, I don't think I've recovered from picture shock. I'm sure the kids haven't! But, I did want to pop in and post something that makes me happy!

While we were down in Florida I helped my Momma setup a blog (yay!) and Jake made the mistake of showing Dad the wonders of torrents, and then sent him a 250 gig hard drive full of music. Long story short, Dad accidentally copied all the music from the portable hard drive onto their computer and almost killed it! Kyle stepped in and fixed everything up, but I'm sure they were kinda scarred about the state of their computer until it was back up! So, with those computer problems, and Dad hogging the computer, Mom is finally able to post again, lol! :)

I love blogs just for the fact that it's a good way to keep up with everyone. I know my Mom and Dad love looking at everything we post, and seeing all of our pictures. It's a fun little hobby too I guess!

Nothing new here, just still recovering from our vacation. The kids go back to school tomorrow after being off track for 3 weeks, and they seem pretty excited to see their teachers and friends. We had Brady's friend birthday party last Saturday and that was lots of fun. He had his last Jr. Jazz Basketball game yesterday, but never fear, we'll be busy enough again now that he can wrestle! So, it will be T-ball and Wrestling for him, and Tumbling and Softball for Gwynie. I love that my kids like to be active and have fun doing it!

Well, it's off to get the laundry finished up, and ready for the week! I dread Monday's, but I do like getting a good start to the week!

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