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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bear Lake

Over the 24th of July holiday (Pioneer Day in Utah) we spent the weekend in Bear Lake. Uncle Mick took his boat out on the lake, and we had a blast hanging out with our cousins! The kids have a blast (especially Axton and Brady!) and its always so fun to catch up with my cousins, too!

A couple funny stories about some of these pictures!

I had settled down on my towel to relax in the sun, and cute little Gracee came and snuggled right beside me. Too cute!

Before we headed out into the lake I wanted a pic of Gwynie.
She got mad after I took this picture.

She took off her life jacket, sat down and posed, and said NOW I could take her picture! HAHAHA!

Brady and Axton...crazy B as usual.

All the kids

Uncle Mick wakeboarding


For Uncle Mick...he wanted a pic of his boat with people in it! :)

Gwynie loves driving...uh-oh! She keeps reminding us she's only 6 years away from it!

And one of the funniest stories....Brady was driving and Mick was teasing him that the cops were going to come get him. Brady lets go of the steering wheel, jumps away and says, "You drive!" ;)
It was a super fun weekend and I'm so glad we got to get a day in at the lake this summer!!

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