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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Coach Jake

After the Summer Games Jake realized how much he missed Wrestling, but more so, how much he missed the Coaching aspect. As he watched the high school age kids he would think, that guy is too high, that kid is too low, he needs to this-that, etc.

So around the end of June he started looking on the School District websites to see about getting on at a high school as an Assistant Coach. I remember when we met that Jake told me one of his dreams for the future was to one day be a Wrestling Coach. Of course, not for a full time job, but because he loved it so much, and it was his passion. Jake wrestled since he was 5 until 20, when he had to have his knee scoped in college. I thought yeah sure, maybe one day...and that time has come for him!

Jake applied for the Assistant Coaching position at a brand new high school, and interviewed in early July. Let me tell you, putting together a Sports resume was a first for us! Once it was all done and put together, man he looked super impressive on paper! :) They finally made a decision, and he found out in late July that he got it! The Head Coach and Principal both told Jake that he came highly recommended to them! We are so proud of him, and we're looking forward to Wrestling season this year!

The logo for Stansbury High....the Stallions!

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wood0306 said...

Congrats Jake... We live just a couple streets away from the High School!