You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once. ~Polish Proverb

Monday, March 9, 2009

Brady had his second Wrestling tournament last Thursday. Jake had really worked with him on learning the Double Leg take down before the match, and Brady showed he paid attention! I laughed at this because Brady did the same thing as I've heard Jake did as a kid. He would take the kid down...and then let him back up! Points! Its all about the points! :) Brady won this match 14 - 10.


wood0306 said...

WooHoo Brady.... You are a SUPER STAR!!! He is a little MINI JAKE!!! But better.... LOL just had to rub that into Jake ;)

Kami said...

Oh, reminds me of the good ol days. I think I will go tackle kami.....Nevermind....She's 8 months prego. Sweet wrestling moves. Glad to see you are having some fun. Tyler Williamson