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Friday, March 13, 2009


I just wanted to share this with you all. One of our field technicians out of the California office sent this email yesterday afternoon. I didn't have to think twice about donating.

Hello all,

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I am John Croft, a Technician in California, and I am participating in a 24 hour Cancer Dance-A-Thon in Irvine this weekend. Yes, I know I am crazy to dance for 24 hours straight, but I know that it is for a great cause.

I know that Cancer has affected all of our lives in one way or another. Part of the event is to help raise money to support Cancer research and treatment. I know that times are tight right now, but I would like to ask if anyone would like to make any type of donation, even if it is just a $1 or $2 or more it doesn't matter.

You can check out the website, if you want to learn more. Donations will go to The City of Hope.

For those of you in California, the event is being held at the 24 Hour Fitness Ultra Sport off Von Karman and the 405. It is right across the street from the Irvine Marriott.

You can make a donation online at

Once again thank you for your consideration

John Croft

With so many people I know that have passed away from cancer (including my co-worker Kurk, and Grandpa Neil), that are currently battling cancer (my friend and co-worker Barb just had breast removal surgery yesterday), or are survivors of cancer (my cousin Trevor's wife Amy and Jake's Aunt Mary), I knew that I had to make some donation, no matter how small or large.

So, I'm certainly not bullying or pushing anyone to donate, but this really caught my attention, and made me want to donate for those crazy people dancing for 24 hours!!! So, if you can spare $1 or $2, it will really add up! It was so simple too, you can use either a Pay Pal Account, or just a debit/credit card. I've been feeling the need lately to be more charitable, and be more active in the giving process so this is a great start for me personally.
Thanks everyone! :)

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