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Monday, March 30, 2009

An Update!

My Mom pointed out to me on Friday that I never posted Gwynie's play or Brady's last wrestling match. Sure, I had plenty of reasons, let me count the ways... Ok well it can all be summed up by a book, or rather several books in a series. Guilty as charged. So, since I'm home with a sick kiddo I figured now was the best time to post! (Poor Gwyner has the stomach flu...ugh!)

Gwynie's play was awesome! The leads were 5th and 6th graders and then the 4th graders were all the Munchkins. It was so cute! The kids did songs and everything, and the scenery was amazing! It was too dark to really get some good pictures during the play, but here are two of her before the play.

The first part of the play was a small part from Wicked, basically showing how the Wicked Witch of the West became wicked. Message! :) She was one of the wizards in the classroom, and then a munchkin after Dorothy comes to Oz, and a dancer in the Emerald City. We were SO proud of her! She put in a lot of time at practices and did an awesome job!

Brady had his last wrestling match that same night as Gwynie's second performance of the play, so I went with her to the play and Jake took Brady to wrestling. Earlier that day they had found Jake's old headgear, so Brady decided he just HAD to wear it! He looks so cute!

They all got medals at the end, and Brady is holding his card they used to match them up with their opponents. All the schools got their own medals, so Jake told Brady because his had a blue ribbon it meant first place. Brady got a kick out of that! He even wore it to school under his hoodie last Friday!! (haha we didn't realize until that night, but it was funny!)

P.S. - This picture is sad because look how nice it was on March 19th! Now, we have snow all over again! :(

Now this picture is just for my own personal amusement. All of the high schools in the area have these banners in their school colors in the gyms.

If you can't quite see it here is what it says:

Welcome to (Insert High School name)
Where Sportsmanship is an expectation

Let the Players Play
Let the Coaches Coach
Let the Officials Officiate
Let the Spectators Be Positive

Hehe, that just cracks me would think it would say, Let the Spectators Spectate! :) Guess I'm just easily amused.

And the next part of this is a plug for me, so I apologize, but I'm interrupting your regular Gwynie/Brady program.

I have made a community on Live Journal for Card Challenges. Each month, on the 5th of the month, a new challenge, or technique challenge will be posted by me. You will have until the 4th of the next month to post your completed cards and/or projects. After all entries are in, a random number (or name from a hat!) will be picked to determine the winner. The winner will get a prize or small RAK from me personally! I'm still figuring out all the details, but I plan on sending out RAKS if you post at least once to the current months challenge, or if we get a lot of entries, I'll draw names for one large monthly prize.

I'm really horrible at making cards. No, really! Unless there is something specific I have to make a card for (a birthday, a swap card, or other occasion), I don't just make cards for fun. Very rarely do I make a "just because" card. I don't try new things. I wait for my Stamp demonstrator to do it first (thanks Sharon!), and then I reproduce the effect, sometimes. I spend hours researching new techniques, new products, and card ideas...yet I never make the card. I download templates, but never make the box. So, I decided the only way that I would try the new techniques I want to do, make cards just to have on hand, or make a new box/project, would be to challenge myself. So I thought, why not make it even more fun, and have a Challenge Community? There are sites that are so large I don't feel that I "belong" or can't make myself at home in those vast sites. I decided to do my own, where I would feel comfortable, have fun, and share my ideas or things I found. I want to interact with other stampers and card makers, and I think this will be small enough, yet fun to meet other crafters.

Alright, so here is the deal, I'll post what I make on my krafty blog as well as the Card Challenges community. If you want to join the community its really easy to sign up for Live Journal. If you do sign up, you will see anyone else that posts to the community and you can see all the entries for the challenges. Or, if you would just rather, you can email me ( your submissions for the contest, and I'll post them in the community. If you have any questions about the challenges, the community, or Live Journal in general just let me know! Here is the post I did about the community (lol I mostly copy pasted it here anyways...) with the challenge and the pictures of my completed projects. There are templates to download to make the projects. Ok, sorry for the shameless plug, but I thought if there were people that didn't read my Krafty Blog then I better put it here as well!

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