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Monday, August 10, 2009

Ok, ok....

I been begged, beaten and bullied into updating our blog. Well ok, the beating may have been non-existent, but I've been mercilessly begged by both my Mom and Dad to update the blog-o. Its just been a crazy, busy summer, but I guess that's nothing new to anyone else, right?!
So in my crazy OCD way I'll be back dating entries so that the events correlate with the dates. Yes, yes I know I have a problem, but really I'm fine with it so maybe you are the one with the problem huh? ;)
Alright so without further delay (because its not like its been delayed 2 whole months ya know...) scroll down below this post for some pictures and the goins-on at our house lately!
EDIT: I'm slowly getting caught up! 4th of July is now I only have left....
-24th of July in Bear Lake
-Jake's exciting news
-Our anniversary
-First day of school
-Monster Truck Show

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