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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monster Truck Show!

Last Saturday we went to the Monster Jam Rally and had a blast! Brady is a HUGE fan of anything that has to do with trucks or cars, so its no surprise he LOVES Monster Trucks and Nascar, haha! We went to a rally last summer that the kids totally enjoyed, so we were estatic to find out they were going to be in the Rio Tinto Stadium. Jake's company has a suite at the stadium, so he asked one of the owners if we might be able to get discount tickets. Phil, who thinks the world of Jake and all his mad IT skills, told him he would do better than that, and gave him 4 tickets to the SUITE!! We had water and drinks and popcorn and Jake even had a few Coronas! ;) It was so much fun, and the kids thought we were SO COOL to be in a Suite! We sat on the balcony for the most part, but during the mini half-time we retreated to the nice air conditioned room to cool off after being in the 100+ degree heat. We had super comfy padded chairs, too! To top it off, Brady's favorite truck Grave Digger won the Freestyle competition!

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