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Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 2009 Happenings

So I wanted to break up all the October stuff like pumpkins and Halloween, but I have a few random things also. This is a random happenings post with all the extras! ;)

First, is our Gwynie! The 5th graders got to do a program called JA BIZTOWN where they had to interview for certain jobs. Then they got to do the work at a facility where they all worked together! Gwynie had to dress up for her interview (so cute right?!) and was so excited when she got the CEO position for Merit Medical! She made the most money out of anyone there! ;) She loved it and had a blast doing it. Here are two pics I took before she went to school and had her interview.

Here's Brady modeling the cool shark tooth necklace my Mom made for him! It was also hat day at school that day so he got to wear his Florida Gators hat!

And last, its POMEGRANATE season! The kids and I LOVE poms and they love to help me peel them and get all the seeds out.

Hehe, Twilight-esque pic! ;)

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