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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Um...yeah...should have posted these last week...whoops! We went to Lagoon for my company party on the 13th and we had a blast! I really didn't take near as many pics as I took last year, but they were all cute anyways!

Ok first, probably one of the funniest pictures of me ever! We went on the Log Flume and Jake told me we wouldn't get very wet...boy was he wrong! I was drenched...and not happy at it AT ALL! It really looked like I wet my pants for hours!

Well, I was so mad after getting so wet on the Log Flume that I didn't dare ride Rattlesnake Rapids with Jake and the kids. I knew with my luck I would end up directly under the waterfall, so I let them go by themselves. Jake and Gwynie had fun, but I don't think Brady had fun!

Jake and Gwynie on the train.

Brady loves the train! Both the kids love seeing the animals, but he just likes being on a train!

The first ride we went on that morning. It's called the Space Scrambler, but the kids call it the Egg Scrambler. We asked Brady after the ride if he got scrambled and he said YEP!

Jake and Gwynie had the camera and of course had to pull faces!

I love this picture!! Gwynie and Brady rode together on the new ride Odysea, and she held his hand and led him to the ride and everything. She is an awesome big sister!

We went into Pioneer Village where they have all of the olden times stuff. Jake told Brady, "See, we really were taking you to the Dentist!" Brady wasn't amused...but he smiled good for me!

Me and the kids taking a break from walking.

It was a really fun day! We can't wait to go back for Frightmares!!

Aaannnnndddd....I still have more pics to post of the fam bbq we went to last week and some of the last of Brady's tee ball pics that I haven't posted yet.

Also, my Sister In Law had their baby today, another girl! That makes 4 girls! They named her Sydney, but that's about all I know at this point. We are going to go visit tomorrow night.

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