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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tee Ball Stuff

Mom pointed out to me that I haven't been very good about updating our blog lately...oops! Its just been such a busy summer and things are finally settling down, I think anyway! I still have some old pictures to post here as well as some new ones, so I will really try to get them all up sometime this week!

Thursday was Brady's last Tee Ball game. He had so much fun, and Jake was an amazing Coach! All the kids had a blast, and they sure learned a lot!
Some of my favorites from when they did the action shots at a game a few weeks ago.

Yesterday we went to Lagoon for my company party and today we had a bar-b-que at Jake's brothers house so I have lots more to post. I'll get those soon I promise, but I really better go to bed now! I always have the hardest time going to bed on Sunday nights. It's just something about knowing the weekend is over and that going to bed means that it really is cause the next thing I know its Monday!

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