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Friday, September 19, 2008

Funny Stories

Um...I've been too lazy, er busy to update the blog, so while I have a minute I'll just share some funny things the kids have said. I've always thought they would be the funniest kids on that show, so here are some recent funnies.

Jake rented Brady a Thomas (the train) video a few weekends ago and there was a character on there that he hadn't heard of. Brady had watched the movie on a Saturday night and told me about it the next morning. He told me about the character name Oliver and how that was a stupid name for a train. He was seriously going on and on about this train name and finally said, (and this is an exact quote!) "Screw that, he needs a better name than Oliver!"

Last night we were talking about school and about his friends and Jake asked him about any girlfriends. Here is how our convo went.

Jake: So who are your girlfriends?
Brady: I don't have any girlfriends anymore.
Me: Did you break up with them?
Brady: Yeah I dumped them all.
Us: *giggle* *snicker*
Brady: I was searching for a new girlfriend so I dumped all the other girls.
Me: Well, were you nice when you dumped them?
Brady: Yep, I just dumped them all in my mind.

I know that I've succeeded as a parent and in particular as a Mom when Gwynie tells me she knows the kind of man she wants to marry. Here was our convo.

Gwynie: So I decided on what guy I want to marry.
Me: Oh really?
Gwynie: Yeah, he needs to be rich and strong.
Me: Yeah, I think that's pretty good, but how come?
Gwynie: Well, strong so that he can protect me and fight off people trying to hurt me.
Me: True, that's a good point.
Gwynie: And rich so that he can make me happy!
Me: Yeah, but a poor man can make you happy too.........(thoughtful pause).....But the rich man could make you lots happier!!

And here are a couple other funnies that I found on my personal journal that I thought I would post here as well.

*Brady poking around the garage picks stuff up*
Brady: What is this Dad? *holds up thing*
Jake: It's a caulk gun.
Brady: A cock gun?
Jake: *giggles like a girl*
Brady: What does it shoot? (because here he is thinking its a gun so it has to shoot something)Jake: *chuckles manly this time*
Ha, hum
*clears thoat*
*giggles like a girl again*
White stuff...

Brady: So Gwynie, is your dance teacher cute?
Gwynie: Erm, yeah, she's cute.....
Brady: she hot?

Picking up Gwynie from school (This was in January!)
Me: So how was school?
Gwynie: Good
Me: So what did you learn in school today?
Gwynie: We learned about Negative American History
Me: ....*facepalm* that anything like "Native American History"?
Gwynie: Oh yeah, that's what it was!

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