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Monday, September 7, 2009

Look what followed us home!!!

Ok just kidding! This is the 2010 Porshe (Cayman) that Jake's company bought. This rotates among the top sales reps for 3 weeks at a time. Eventually its supposed to rotate through the management team, but until then, Jake got to take it out for lunch on Friday. So of course he came and got me so we rode around in style for half an hour. I had the camera in my purse from the football game the night before so it was super fun taking a few pictures of this gorgeous car.
P.S. The blog-o is NOW FINALLY CAUGHT UP!! So, a few (ok lots) of entries are now back dated, but everything is there and hopefully I can stay caught up again, hehe!


wood0306 said...

That's Hot!!!

doni said...

How fun! BTW I like your Girl and Boy definitions in the side bar. Funny!