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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random Happenings

I have a few things I'll be back dating, but right now I wanted to just put up a few random things from our evening tonight. Its just that regular old stuff, but I love those little glimpses into everyday life so I thought I'd share!

First off is our kitten Roxy. (Named so because she looked like my old cat Moxy that died two years ago...sad story.) Anyway, Roxy was for the kids, but she has become my kitty ironically. The one person who didn't want any more cats...and who does she go to?! Every night she cuddles on my lap and its no exception if I'm vegging on the couch with my laptop . Well tonight she was being mischevious. (And the brat cat thinks I am a tree or something and is always scaling up my legs...currently she is on my shoulder...Arggg pirate cat!)

Here she looks totally innocent right.....?

Then she got curious, and kept peeking her little face and paws around the side....unfortunately every time I got the camera out she would move, but I have a little of it! Here is the one that shows her kinda peekin around the corner. It was seriously soooo funny she was being such a spaz!

I think right here she was curious about my phone...I had gotten an email or text and it vibrated so she was like what?! and was going to pounce! ;)

After dinner I made Strawberry Smoothies, and then the kids seemed to disappear. They were being REALLY quiet so I was a little worried I'd find some mass destruction in their rooms. This is what I found instead when I came upstairs...

The kids were playing together on a video game! I don't know why, but for some reason this just cracked me up and melted my heart at the same time. It was just so fun to see this...them being so quiet and concentrating, but giggling to each other, sharing tips and playing so well. I seriously have the best kids a girl could ask for!

Then I had to take a few pictures of Brady's Diorama he made in school. He was SO proud to show us this and tell us all the seasons. The funniest part...for Spring he made a boat with Jake on the wakeboard (like when we were at Bear Lake in July) and for Summer he made fire crackers!! Too cute!! He said he was going to make a snowboarder for winter but ran out of time at school. Talk about creative!

Winter...snow on the ground and no leaves on the tree

Spring...wakeboarding (well maybe in Florida!) ;)

Summer....firecrackers going off!

Fall...leaves on the ground and one hanging on the tree

And not to be left out...our 80 pound lap dog! Brecken turned 2 this year and is the dumbest smart dog I know. He is incredibly smart but can act so damn dumb sometimes! When he was a puppy I would hold him in my lap and rub his belly...well 2 years later he is still so spoiled and "sits" in Jakes lap to get a belly rub. Its a nightly ritual...crazy spoiled "kids" we have! ;)

Well that was just a little recap of what our night was like tonight. Of course there were dishes and homework to be done and all that *cough* fun stuff, but otherwise just a typical night here at the Phillips Homestead. lol homestead...haha

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