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Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

For the 4th of July we went to Grantsville and watched the parade with Jake's Mom and Dad. The kids got loads of candy and wore their cute outfits my Mom got them. Gwynie said "It was the best day ever!" Here are some fun pics from the parade!

Two cute kids!

Brady was pretty happy!

Gwynie looked adorable in her outfit!

After running in the hot, hot sun (music lyric can anyone guess it?) Brady's gel was dripping making it look like he was bleeding!

And this was the highlight of the parade for Jake and was Napolean and Kip Dynamite. Kip flashed us his "Peace Out" as Napolean pulled him on roller blades.

After the parade we got ready to go up in the canyon and have a bbq. I forgot and left my camera and camcorder at the in-laws house, so I don't have any pictures up there, but I do have some fun stories!

There was a little creek where our picnic table was so the kids were throwing rocks into it and finding rocks for Grandma Deb to polish. Wayne (Jake's Dad) was showing Brady stuff in the water and threw a big rock into the creek and got Brady really wet. Brady yelled at him "Why would you do that to your own grandson!" But he couldn't really complain, he loves to be wet and in the water all the time.

Then the kids were just walking around the picnic area when Gwynie noticed Brady had a spider on his arm. It was pretty small so she tells him and he just started freaking out. He started shaking his arm trying to get it off and when that didn't work he resorted to screaming and crying. Jake got the spider off him and Brady said, "I tried shaking him off, but it didn't work!" It was so sad it was funny. His face was priceless and I wish I would have had my camera.

Later that night we watched the fireworks and then went home to do our own. The kids loved the fireworks and I think were more excited to do sparklers!

Gwynie is now sporting the "Peace Out" from Kip Dynamite.

Not to be outdone, Brady pulled his Rock Star face.



Me goofing around taking pics of myself laying on the blanket, but the kids kept making me laugh so I look kinda funny!

Me and Jake - this was like the 10th pic and finally we got it - somewhat!

Brady's expression is too funny when you click on the pic and see it bigger.

Candid shots are great! Hehe, there are some normal ones and then the not so normal ones!

All in all it was a great day and the kids had fun. I'm just glad it was on a Friday this year so we could enjoy it!


Kyle said...

I don't know how to break it to you, but those pictures... do not link to the full-sized versions.


Anonymous said...

Make a grandma cry! I love your blog! It's the best!I laugh,I cry,I laugh some more....thank you so much for doing this! Love,Mom