You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once. ~Polish Proverb

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Family Fun

First, I have to share this joint effort picture the kids did. Brady colored the car (of course it's blue) and Gwynie added the raccoons being run over. Jake HATES raccoons so the kids tease him about it all time and whenever they get a chance to.

Gwynie wrote "Smush Racoon" and Brady even added blood on the tires...

Then on Saturday we had a family birthday party for Jake's Grandpa Fackrell (his Mom's Dad). It's hard to believe he is 86! He still takes care of his horses each day and yodels for all the little grandkids.

Grandpa Fackrell and the kids

Cutest kids at the party!The kids and my neices (L-R: Abby, Bailey and Hannah)

Gwynie, Bailey and Hannah - This swing actually broke because all the kids (about 8-12) of them were on it! I totally missed out taking pics of it...oh well!

My youngest neice Abby is just a ham and grabbed Jake and made him play catch with her. I got a few funny shots of her, she was just camera happy. She is so unlike her sisters, she's bossy, spunky and demanding...reminds me of myself as a kid (ok and now too!). That must be why I love her so much, lol!

Making Jake play catch, she really had to twist his arm ;)

She was taking this plastic golf club apart and this was her Ta-da! face

Her and Brady almost brawled over the blue piece of cake but luckily split it.

Today, we went to the Animal Planet Expo! We had a blast but it was really hot! They had these screens that would super impose you into a set, so we got some pics of us with animals and some guys on Animal Planet. Those become available to download tomorrow so I will post those along with the rest of the pics we took tomorrow night. But, here's a peek....

Yes....Jake and I had lots fun!

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