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Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm So Excited!

I have a horrible habit of deleting pictures off my camera and memory card before I have them saved to the computer or to a disc. I actually did that last summer, wiped out Gwynie's first day of school and a lot of other stuff. Luckily Jake had some things saved on the computer, but I did lose a lot. I even have a Christmas where we only have about 10's really sad and I have been lamenting the loss of other pictures too...Brady's first haircut for one.

So why does my title of this post suggest that I'm excited? Well, when we were at Jake's Mom and Dad's I asked if I could look at the pics they have saved on their computer to see if there were any they had taken that I wanted to snag for their scrapbooks. Lo and behold! There were pics from 2004 that I thought I had deleted and lost forever! Here are some of the little gems I was able to recover! I have tons now that I can scrapbook the forgotten memories! Yay!

Gwynie's VERY FIRST Mini-Cheer at Cyprus High. This cheerleader loved her and always carried her wherever they went.

Jake and Brady at Mini-Cheer wearing their matching Tar Heels Hats. Go NC!

This is when Gwynie was in Kindergarten and they had crazy hair day. I turned Gwynie's hair into a beehive - literally!

A close up. I used yarn and then I made all those bees out of pipe cleaners and stuck the bees and flowers into her hair with bobby pins. Yeah, it was a lot of work, but it was so worth it!

Awww!!! Look how cute and teeny she is!!! They did crazy hair day on Halloween because that year they weren't letting them wear their costumes to school. Gwynie and Brady wore their shirts my Mom got them for Halloween! And I put a bee on her shirt and one on her shoulder with safety pins.

And I did Brady's hair crazy too! All gelled out and spiky looking!

Brady's First Haircut!

Look how long his hair was! I knew once we cut it that baby part of him would be gone forever so I procrastinated it as long as I could. But he was looking too shaggy so it had to be cut.

Jake held him, but he hated it sooooo bad! He screamed and cried the whole time. We gave the lady that cut his hair a really good tip because he was so difficult. It's so fun to look back on these because Brady just loves to get his hair cut now! He chats and flirts with the girls when they cut it and is always so proud of how cute he looks afterwards.

HOLY COW!!! Aww we look so cute!!! We were at a Jazz game. I miss my highlighted hair (oh and the fact I was about 20 pounds lighter)! Jake looks about the same though. Now I want to get my hair done again, but it just costs so much for something that has to be done every three months!

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