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Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Few Pics and Funny Stories

Grandma and Grandpa Merritt are camp hosts at West Yellowstone this summer. They sent the kids these shirts and before Gwyn and Brady went to bed Friday night I had to take pictures of them! The kids are so excited since we will be going up there for vacation the 23th-27th of this month. Brady is looking forward to seeing the bears and Gwynie wants to make smores.

Now for some funny stories. Brady always amazes me with the funny things he thinks of, or the funny things he says. So here are two funny stories!

First Story:

At work, Jake has been getting everything ready for reps to move down to the bottom floor of their building. This has meant several nights of imaging and setting up computers, running cables, setting up IP and DSN addresses (yeah like I know what all that meant, ok I do cause he explained it all!), setting up the phones and phone lines and just various other IT related things. Last week we went to his work so he could show us the first floor and everything he's been working on. As he's showing us around there is this room that he said they would be turning into a Training Room, but since it had dividers they might do half Training, half Break Room. We're still in that room talking about other things in it when Brady pipes up, "So this is the Choo-Choo Room?" I was completely befuddled, but Jake realized what he meant - Brady thought the "TRAINing" Room was where they would set up all the Thomas trains! LOL! The kid loves his trains and I'm sure he was imagining track and trains all over the floor in that large room!

Second story:

Friday at daycare a transformer blew so my daycare lady was telling the kids, its ok, the power shouldn't be out too long, etc. They had just finished their lunch and were getting ready to go outside anyways so it wasn't a big deal. Brady though, hearing that a transformer blew asked, "Was it Optimus Prime?" Hehe, Brady loves Transformers too and thought one of them was actually there.

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