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Monday, July 28, 2008

Animal Planet Expo

Well, we are back from Yellowstone, but I never posted the rest of the Animal Planet Expo pics. Here are those pictures, and if I feel adventurous tonight I'll upload some of the 314 pics I took on our vacation!

The kids outside the entrance to the Expo. I love this picture of Gwynie, she looks so grown up!

Me and the kids! (obviously...)

They handed out these Meerkat fans, it was so hot!

Meerkat Momma

Meerkat Daddy

They had a lot of cool attractions there for the kids. The kids played on this giant crocodile slide for a long time!!

There were a few of these exhibits just full of butterflies.

Gwynie got her face painted like a ladybug.

Side view!

Brady wanted a blue spider. After we got done everyone kept saying, "Look at that cool kid, look at the spider on his face." I'm sure the other kids in line decided to get a spider after they saw his face!

Both the face painted kids!

Meerkat Kids

and one more!

I took so many pictures this day, when will I learn?!

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