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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CARD and an Update

Ok, if you didn't know, tomorrow is my youngest sister Shae's birthday! It's her big 21, so I made a pretty cool card (if I do say so myself!) so you need to go check it out!

Here is her card! Now the problem is mailing it! I have this genetic aversion to the Post Office...thanks Mom!

And in other family related news...
  • The kids are off track for a few weeks...wooo?
  • We are going to Body Worlds on Saturday (sadly no cameras allowed!)
  • And on Sunday going to Lagoon for Frightmares (weather permitting)
  • Buying costumes somewhere in that mix
  • Putting off getting pumpkins until next weekend...
  • Got a Halloween package from Mom...will take pics this week of the kids in their shirts!

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wood0306 said...

Fun... I am glad we can keep each other posted now :) Keep in touch!