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Sunday, October 12, 2008


I can never seem to go to bed at a decent hour on Sunday nights...too true tonight as well. So since I can't sleep, I'm updating!

It's been reeeeaaaalllllly cold here! Friday it stared to get chilly and they forecasted it to snow Saturday night. So Saturday afternoon we decided we better get the kids' new winter coats! These are what we ended up with after 4 stores!

Gwynie's coat is so cute on her! It's a long style that is cinched at the waist. It has this awesome hot pink lining and a furry hood. She loves the hood, but I'm sure she'll have static-y (? is that even a word?) hair forever!

Cute cute!!

And here is Brady! Of course he got a blue one! He loves his coat because it's blue and has so many pockets in it!

After buying coats we took the kids for haircuts. Gwynie has been driving me crazy asking to get bangs...I really liked her haircut but gave in to this shorter, choppier version. It works, but I can't wait to see what it looks like when I actually style it.

She was so serious, lol. This is the side view, this is a little more choppy looking than I wanted, but I figure in a couple weeks it will be blended in pretty well. The other side isn't even trimmed up like this so I'll have to see how it looks later and maybe get it trimmed up to match. She likes it so that's all that matters!

Brady just needed a trim, but he still wanted a picture. His hair grows so fast! Nothin special, no gel or anything today, just plain clean hair!

Somehow Gwynie got Brady to give her a foot rub and a massage tonight!

So we made her give him one too!

Friday night was Brady's very first sleepover! His friend from daycare isn't in his same class, but they see each other at the playground and at daycare everyday. When Jake picked them up from school Friday the boys told him what they wanted for dinner. Apparently they thought it up at recess. They decided on ravioli's, spinach, and fruit! Taylor cleared his spinach, but Brady and Gwynie ate just enough to get the Mom and Dad approval that they were done. They had a blast!

This was about 5 or 6 tonight. The snow really was coming down! Glad we bought their coats yesterday!

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