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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving!

Ok, time for one more and then it's off to bed for me!!

Oh, I forgot to put on here....instructions for our pumpkins in case inquiring minds want to know what's up with them in the pics.

So I found a website that gave some tips on pumpkin carving. It says when you print out your patterns you should get them a little damp and stick it to your pumpkin. Then take a push pin and basically make yourself a dot to dot pattern of what to cut. Once you are finished with that you take off the pattern and then rub flour over the surface so it fills in your holes, making it easier to see. So, you can see that in some of the pictures and now you know!

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Trevor and Amy said...

Wow, your pumpkins are awesome! They look so professional! Great job! We hope you guys are doing good!