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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Fun

We love this time of year! I love the fall season and Jake loves Halloween! The kids love the candy! Every year we go to the same place to get pumpkins and I take pictures in the same exact place. Jake laughs at me for it, but hey! I say its fun to see how they've changed! (Oh and look at the difference from my old digital to my new one! Thanks again babe, good present!)

Here's an example:

Gwynie October 2007 & 2008

Brady October 2007 & 2008

Here a couple cute little ones from carving pumpkins. Oh and yay, they are wearing the shirts Mom sent! I'll try getting all the rest of pics up by Sunday! :) Gwynie carved hers all by herself and Jake helped Brady with his. I did the gutting...

All of our pumpkins! Top to bottom: Jake (Grim Reaper), Me (Witch stirring cauldron), Gwynie (Skull) and Brady (Black Widow)

Look at my gourds!!

Mr. Brady (whoa check out how cool my flash is...oops!)

Miss Gwynie

This is Brady with his mini pumpkin. He named it Little John and has been taking it everywhere. We had to put our feet (yes that's both from both of us so 4 feet!) down and say "No!" to taking Little John into stores with us over the weekend. Brady assured us that Little John really liked the car ride though, but he was sad he couldn't go in the store.

Ok, one more thing! My slideshow of the Pumpkin Patch finished, so here you go!

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