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Sunday, October 12, 2008

U of U Game!

Last month I asked Jake to see about getting us tickets to a U of U Football game. He called me on a Wednesday and told me he had good news and bad news. He asked what I wanted to hear first. I opted for the bad news, (I always ask for the bad first) and he said he couldn't get all of us tickets for the Saturday (the 27th) game. So I said what was the good news? He told me that he had a guy at work that got him two sideline tickets and he and Brady were going. Of course I was a little bummed, but I was so excited for him and Brady to go! Turns out I had a stamp party to go to that day so it worked out ok afterall!

We bought Brady a jersey at Fanz and Jake a polo and visor. Brady was so excited!

They did some tailgating with Jake's work buddy.

At the tailgating lot Brady met Swoop the team mascot.

And then they got to Rice Eccles Stadium and watched the team warm up.

They were watching the team warm up and one of the Weber State Cheerleaders gave Brady a foam claw. Sean Smith kept pointing to Jake like "What's up a U fan with a Weber claw?" and then came over to chat with them. Jake got a pic of Brady and Sean after that.

Brady in the South End Zone.

Brady with the cheerleaders who thought he was so cute! What a ladies man!

Jake's work friend John that got them the passes, his daughter, Brady and coach Ron McBride who used to be the U coach, now he coaches Weber.

Not sure who these two are, but Brady got a pic with them! Everyone kept telling Jake what a cute/cool kid Brady is. They all commented on his big brown eyes and his cool spikey hair!

After the game! Brady was given an ACTUAL game ball! It has the U logo on it and everything! Posing in the End Zone!

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