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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weekend Update!

I decided to share some stuff Jake and I have been up to and not just what the kids or the family have been doing. Most of this is pulled from my personal journal and is just a bunch of writing! But if you are curious about our weekend, here you go!!

Thursday Jake called me and told me a guy at his work had these marketing tickets for the Rock Bands Live concert. It was so amazing! The opener was the group called The Cab and we were like wtf? Who are these guys? They were pretty ok.

Then it was The Plain White T's. I love them and they did so many songs from their new cd. Which, we ended up buying off iTunes because it's so damn good. So....they did do our favorite songs, Hey There Delilah and Hate and then off their new cd they did Big Bad World, 1,2,3,4, and Natural Disaster. They did some others, but of course I can't remember now.

Then it was Dashboard Confessional, which again another band I just love. Ok I loved all three of the big name ones....So these guys were my favorites of the night. They put on such an awesome show! They did Hands Down, Vindicated (of course!), Widow's Peak, Thick As Theives, Stolen and I think they did Rooftops and Invitations, but I can't remember. Then they did the coolest thing....they brought out The Cab guys and they all played Pink's "So What" together!!! Before they started playing it he was saying, "You know how you get a song stuck in your head and you just want to listed to it from 9am-9pm and then only way to get it out is just to sing it?" So then they played it!! That is one of my current fav songs right now, the kids know all the words because I listen to it so much, and its even my ring tone right now. Anyways, they were freaking amazing and I just can't even tell you how awesome they just know? Like they just loved being there, and I was just blown away.

So then it was Panic at the Disco. I was actually pretty bummed with them a bit. I love their music, but they were kinda boring. Or, maybe I was just so damn tired, it was only about 10:30 but I was wiped! So after they played Nine in the Afternoon and I Write Sins Not Tragedies, we left. It was a way fun night and was so fun for Jake and I to have a night out together.

So Bodyworlds was so incredible. DON'T READ ANYMORE IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH!!! They didn't allow any photography there. I was worried about how the kids would take it, but everything was done so tastefully that you didn't realize you were looking at an actual cadaver. They do this process called Plastination so all the parts are there and they removed some sections of muscle so you could look right into the organs, etc. Go check out the website I linked, it is so amazing.

The most interesting part was the fetal development. All of the fetuses from this area were retrieved before 1920 and were babies that couldn't have been saved. I was really glad to know that, instead of them being abortion babies or something. They had these little tubes that had the embryos (? Feteuses?) in them and at 12 weeks it was the size of a peanut (or thereabouts) but you could clearly see its toes and fingers and the umbilical cord. Then they had cases with the fetuses from like 15 weeks up to 36 weeks. But they looked like they were sleeping they way they were so it wasn't weird or gross. It was so incredible, I just can't even tell you. To see how fragile the human body is, and to so how truly freaking awesome we are is take for granted the miracle of life, but looking at those fetuses and then at my own kids and to know I created them and nourished them and supported's just again wow...just no words, but its such an emotion that I can't believe how precious life is.

I'm just in awe right now of how we are made and how different we all are. They even had an area that they showed an artificial heart valve and a pacemaker. Jake's Mom has both of those. As a child she had Rhuematic Fever, so when Jake was a kid she had those things done. So we are showing them to the kids and explaining how they work to save people and keep them alive. Which that blew me away too, just all of the advances of medicine and how far we have come, yet how far we still can go.

Then they had a camel. YES A FREAKING CAMEL!! That was awesome. Something that really was good, but was crazy were the lungs they displayed. They had a healthy lung set and then lungs of a smoker. The smokers lungs were black, like severly black. I'm so glad neither Jake or I smoke, but it makes me worry about those that I know that do, and my family members that do. They even had lungs that were affected by emphysema. I never really knew much about that disease, but what it does is it destroys the lung sacs so it leaves empty sacs in the lungs. That was just crazy seeing these empty pockets, it looked all crispy in those parts and well I can't think of the words to describe it, but it was awful. Both the kids have always known how bad smoking was for them and I think this will help remind them when they are older.

So, this was such an awesome experience, I know I'll never forget it and I'll never forget how priceless life is, and how my kids really are little miracles. We couldn't take pics in there, but I took a few outside. Once Blogger isn't being idiotic I'll load those pics up.

Afterwards we went to The Cheesecake Factory. Let me say, I wasn't really impressed. The last couple times I wanted to go there the wait was 1+ long so I was really happy that we got right in. First, the way they did the seating was asinine. They have some booths and tables, but in the center of the restuarant they had this long strip of a bench with little tables and chairs on the other side. Um...hello...McDonalds? Yeah, that's what it reminded me of. So this guy sitting next to us kept hitting me or elbowing me because it was so cramped. Then, and this is a big one, they didn't have a kids menu!! Yes, they didn't have a kids menu!!!!! Plus the menu is freaking huge because of all their stupid advertising in the middle. And the prices are pretty high too. So Jake and I were like, um ok this better just be a place for the two of us. No kids menu and what they do have is pretty expensive. So he decides on a Kobe Burger (kobe is a type of meat...not named after the ball player, lol), I get a Renee's Special that had a ceasar salad, turkey sandwich and soup, and we got Gwynie a grilled cheese and Brady a side of Mac N Cheese. So the kids food was ok, but my ceasar salad was way over garlicked (is that a word?). It was so garlicky (I think I like making up words!) that my mouth was on fire so I barely touched it. The bread on my turkey sandwich was hard as a rock so I had to break it apart to eat it. Then Jake's burger, which he requested medium well, was practically mooing. He didn't realize it till a few bites in and lost his appetite. They asked if he wanted anything else, but he really didn't so they just credited that for us. So yeah, don't think I'll be going back there anytime soon!

Sunday we went to Lagoon for can check out all the pics in my slideshow!

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Ashley said...

Hey I am so glad you have a blog! I am happy that we will be able to keep up on each others lifes. I want to go to that body works so bad! But Justin doesn't want to pay $20 a person. BOO on him! We are doing well. How about you?