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Thursday, November 20, 2008


For those of you that know me fairly well, you know what a book fiend I am. I love reading, and I know that obsession started at an early age. I remember being in 1st grade, and getting in trouble for sloppy handwriting because I was trying to finish my work early so I could read. That thirst for knowledge, or the thrill of a good book has never released its grip on me. It's always so fun to find friends that I can share books with, or get good recommendations from. It's awesome too, when you recommend a good book and then it gets recommended to someone else. My sisters (Shae and Laci) and Mom will now what I'm talking about...The Black Dagger Brotherhood, anyone? :)

However, the only thing I hate about waiting for sequels to come out! The anticipation almost stops my heart from beating, and the agony of the months of waiting is torture.

So, I have a lot of books (well series I guess would be the correct term) that are now in the "Waiting" stage. I'm waiting for the next book that will either finish the series, or give you a little niblet to tide you over until another book comes out. Although I'm not a very patient person, at least it gives me something to look forward to! I decided (since I'm home with a sick kid and have nothing better to do) that I'm going to list all the books I'm waiting for here. Mom and Shae, if you see any I missed let me know!!

  • Lover Avenged (#7) - Black Dagger Brotherhood Series - 5/5/09
  • At Grave's End (#3) - Night Huntress Series - 12/30/08 (yay, its getting closer!)
  • Bone Crossed (#4) - Mercy Thompson Series - 2/3/09
  • City of Glass - (#3) - Mortal Instruments Series - 3/24/09
  • An Echo in the Bone - (#7) - Outlander Series - 3/1/10 (GAH! That is forever away!!)
  • Fade (#2) - Wake Series - 2/10/09
  • Gone (#3) - Wake Series - 2/?/10 (Another forever away!)

Ok, I guess its not all that bad, a few months right? Plus, I have a zillion that I still need to read... I have a link on the side of our blog that has my "Good Reads" list from It has all the books I've read (from what I can remember!) and a "to read section" which currently has 88 books in there. So, if you're ever wondering about a good know where to look now!

Also, has anyone ever heard of book trailers on youtube? I head about them from a friend last year, but never really checked them out. It's actually pretty hilarious and kinda cool...trying to describe a book in video in 2 minutes. Some are good, some are not so I leave you with a good one, from a book called Wake. Thanks to Shae for recommending this to me!

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Shae said...

Fact: romance novel book trailers are the most hilarious things ever.

No really, they are.

Also - have you not read the Sign of Seven trilogy by Nora Roberts? The third book just came out a few days ago (ack! still haven't managed to go buy it, I fail).