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Monday, November 17, 2008

School Pics and Halloween...

You know I'm either really busy, or really tired when I get home from work, when I don't update for awhile. I'm sure everyone else is the same way. Real Life rears its ugly head and things like a blog (and dishes) fall to the side. Ok well, the blog does anyways!'s been what...over 2 weeks? I don't have much to share (blame it on being busy), but I do still have some Halloween pics and (gasp!) the kids school pics (from September...) to post.

For Halloween, we went over to a friends house, ate pizza, and then went trick or treating. We took some pics at her house before we went out.

The Cowboy and the Ghostly serious!

A little smile now!

Brady loved his costume!

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wood0306 said...

The kids look GREAT!!! They are so stinkin cute :)