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Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Thankful For...

I can't believe the year has gone by so fast! I swear just yesterday we were lighting sparklers for the 4th, or dying Easter eggs! I had to take a minute to list all the things I'm thankful for because this has been a wonderful year, and what better day to do it! :)

And like all the best Top 10 you go!

10. Pepsi
Hmm...this really seems like it should be farther up on my list! I don't love Pepsi for the caffeine, but for the taste. It can't be Diet though! That just doesn't taste near as good! Nothing tastes better than the cool, thick, rich, syrupy liquid sliding down your throat and the bubbles stinging as they go down....Oh I love you.

9. Post It Notes

Sure this seems funny, but its true! I love Post It Notes. Even this list was written on a post it! I write To Do Lists, sketch card designs, write grocery lists, and any random thoughts I put on post its. I even stack them on top of each other and check things off or toss them as I finish. I'm thankful for post its because of their size and the small sticky strip on the back...oh and without then we wouldn't have Romy and Michelle's movie!

8. Chocolate
And another that should be farther up on here! What words can describe how thankful I am for chocolate? Instead, I'll leave you with a visual and you can come up with your own words...that is, unless you're not drooling!

7. Sunsets
What's more beautiful than watching a sunset with your loved ones? I love them because each sunset you know you have finished a wonderful day, and even if tomorrow never know you have lived each of your days to the fullest and loved as hard as you could.

6. Stamping and Scrapbooking
I'm so thankful for this hobby because it's such an outlet for me. Although I'm sure Jake isn't because of how much I spend on it (hehe), but I know he loves that I have such a fun hobby. I love watching my kids look through their scrapbooks, and I love sending handmade cards to friends and family.

5. Authors and Books
How could this be a complete list of things I'm thankful for without books being on here?! I love diving into a great book and spending time in a little fantasy. So, I'm thankful for those authors that pour their heart and souls into their work so that we can enjoy them.

4. Love
Love makes the world go round and is something rare to be treasured like it's a priceless gift. I'm so thankful that I can love and be loved.

This is Jake and I shortly after we were dating. We somehow started a cake fight...I got him bad! August 2000

3. My Kids
So these next three really are tied for my #1!

Gwynie and Brady are the best kids ever. They always make us laugh, and make us so happy. There is an emptiness in the house when they aren't there, and I miss them like crazy. I love those moments when I can watch them sleep, where they are so innocent and I remember when they were babies. So many more things I could say about them!

Yellowstone July 2008

2. My Husband
I don't know what I would do without Jake. He is such an amazing husband, and he's my best friend. A few weeks ago I defined the term "husband" as:

Husbands - Love you no matter what, tell you what you need/want to hear. Tuck the kids in bed, take care of you when you are drunk, laugh at your not so funny jokes, buy your feminine products, whisper sweet nothings in your ear, cook dinner and breakfast, surprise you with treats, rubs your feet, lets you be the "right" one almost all of the time even if you are dead wrong.

And that's pretty much Jake! I couldn't ask for a better husband or father for my kids.

Lagoon Frightmares October 2008

1. My Family
Obviously, this is my number one! No words needed right...

Thanksgiving 2008

And two pics from Thanksgiving!

Gwynie with her newest cousin Sidney

Brady with the marshmallow house he built! Yep, he's rockin that faux-hawk!


doni said...

I have to agree with every one of these. Great list!

The Petersen's said...

Kandi~ This is Chelsey (Cada) Petersen. I found your blog off Doni & Tyler's. How the heck are you? Your family is so cute! I can't believe Gwynie is 9! WOW how time flies! I have a blog too, however, mine is private I will send you an e-mail to invite you. Talk to you soon. MERRY CHRISTMAS!